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SSEA Pneumatic Benchtop Pressure Pumps

SSEA Benchtop Pressure Pumps PneumaticThe SSEA pneumatic benchtop pressure pumps to generate pressure and vacuum

  • for the testing, adjusting and calibration
  • of mechanical and electronic pressure instruments, (gauges, switches, transmitters)
  • comparing the unit to test with a master.

The tests can be carried out in laboratories, workshops or on site at the set measuring point.




SSEAPBPPVI-0.5 Micro Pressure Pump 0.5 bar

Pressure range: -0.5~0.5 bar; (-7~7 psi)


SSEAPBPPVI-1.0 Low Pressure Pump 1 bar

Pressure range: -0.7~1 bar; (-10~15 psi)

 SSEA PBPPVI highpressure

SSEAPBPPVI-7.0 Pressure Pump 6 bar

Pressure range: -0.95~6 bar; (-14~90 psi)


SSEAPBPPVI-40 Mid-Range Pressure Pump 40 bar

Pressure range: -0.95~40 bar; -(14~600 psi)

Connection: M20×1.5,1/4NPT/BSP,1/2NPT/BSP Female