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SSEA Schmierer South East Asia Float Switch and Transmitter for Liquid Level

Float Level Transmitter

FloatleveltransmitterappWhen magnetic field of magnet within the buoy moving along tube according to liquid level comes up to the reed sensor, it opens or closes the electric circuit. Continuous type serial aligned resistance and reed relays are engaged and disengaged. Such changes of reed sensors and alarm or level information can be assessed through a relay circuit or control device.
Precision of reed sensor increases according to lowness of its placement range. It is preferred by the users due to the advantages of providing analogue output within the housing. Furthermore, it is possible to follow and to control the process in the field through indicator.

SSEA Schmierer South East Asia Float Level Switch for Liquid Level
SSEA Schmierer South East Asia Horizontal and Vertical Level

Float Level Switches - top or sidemounted

Top or sidemounted float level switches are used for measuring and checking level of tank. lt is preferred in food, ship machine, boiler and storage tank applications with its advantages such as resistance to high temperature, long life contact structure, which is operable in each, vertical or horizontal connection.

Microswitch changes direction with the movement, occurring after magnet in float arm, moving by changing liquid level, affects magnet inside body, magnetically optained contact information is assessed by transferring into applications such as pump, solenoid valve etc.

For 2 layer interface applications with two different media the float drops into the upper liquid and is buoyanced accordingly by the lower liquid. The level is detected by a mechanical lever system and a magnetic coupling without contact to the display and / or transmitter.

  • Independent of the pressure, temperature, density (SG), conductivity, dielectric, foam or steam.
  • Float mount designed for use in Ex zone 0.
  • Robust and reliable, PED, stainless steel for medium wetted parts
  • For mobile and stationary tanks
  • No power supply needed for local indicator
  • Opt. min/max limit switch, 4-20 mA transmitter, NAMUR, Ex ia, ATEX


Measuring Angle
Measuring Angle
Level Measurement
Level Measurement
2 Layer Interface
2 Layer Interface
SSEA Schmierer South East Asia Displacer for liquid level and interface

Displacer for Liquid Level and Interface

displacerapplicationThe transmitter with displacer is utilising the Archimedes Buoyancy Principle for continuous measurement of

  • level and interface
  • volume and mass
  • specific gravity (SG)

in liquid media. It is independent of pressure, temperature, conductivity, dielectric, foam or vapor. No power supply is needed.
The level measured in this way is transmitted to the display and / or the transmitter by means of a lifting rod and a magnetic coupling.

Applications for mobile and stationary containers.