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SSEA Schmierer South East Asia Rotary Level Switch

Rotary Paddle Level Switch

Rotary Paddle level switches are used for level control of solids in silos and tanks where materials with solid particles are stored.Full and empty signals can be received by performing level control in many demanding applications with different probe and pedal varieties in a safe manner. They can be connected horizontally and vertically.

SSEA Schmierer South East Asia Vibrating Rod

Vibrating Rod Limit Switch

The Vibrating Rod Limit Switch for solids is a single element tunned mechanical element-type level sensing device. The electronics excites the piezo-electric-crystals inside tuning rod, which makes the rod vibrate at it's natural resonance frequency in free air. When the material touches the rod, vibration stops as resonance gets disturbed. Amplitudes of vibration are above threshold when the rod is free to vibrate. Amplitudes of vibration, as sensed by the electronics falls below the threshold, Materials presence is thus detected by observing the amplitude of vibration.

Vibrating rod level limit switches are used as a full, empty and demand alarm in containers, hoppers, silos containing bulks and powders of various types. Typical applications: cereals, beans, edible oil process, sugar, animal feed, rice plants, detergents, dye powder, chalk, gypsum, fly-ash, cement, sand, plastic granules, spices, milk powder etc.