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Ensim Instruments


certificatesEnsim Level Sensors" from Lonca in Turkey span the entire spectrum of modern measurement devices. The focus is on level sensors (switches, transmitters): Capacitance, Conductivity, Radar, Vibrating Rod, Rotary Level, Float Level as well as different types of flow switches. Ensim maintains relevant ISO certificates of all products and offers a wide ex-proof portfolio.

Ensim Portfolio

Float Level Switch
Ensim Sensor Float Level Switch
Float Level Transmitter
Ensim Float Level Transmitter
Float Level Switch sidemounted
Ensim Float Level Switch sidemounted
Capacitance Level Switch
Ensim Capacitance Level Switch
Capacitance Level Transmitter
Ensim Capacitance Level Transmitter
Radar Level Transmitter
Ensim Radar Level Transmitter
Vibrating Rod Level Switch
Ensim Vibrating Rod Level Switch
Rotary Level Switch
Ensim Rotary Level Switch
Flow Paddle Switch
Ensim Flow Paddle Switch
Conductivity Level Switch
Ensim Conductivity Level Switch
Conductivity multiple switch
Ensim Conductivity multiple switch
Flow Switch & Display
Ensim Flow Switch & Display