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Leitenberger Temperature Multifunction handheld Calibrator,      Multifunctional calibrators:     Measure and supply of thermocouples, resistance thermometers, resistance, current, voltage.            Calibrate temperature and pressure with one instrument

Multifunction Calibrators

To measure and simulate temperature, mV, mA, resistance, TCs, RTDs, Loop Calibrators

with datalogging facilities, USB interface, for pressure and temperature, rechargeable batteries

Leitenberger Temperature - precision reference thermometer

Precision Reference Thermometer

  • very high accuracy
  • range -150 to 1400°C
  • as reference for comparison measurements of temperature for calibration purposes
  • preaged
  • handhelds with probe, or reference RTDs and TCs
Leitenberger Marine Vessel Calibration - Pressure Temperature Kit

Marine Vessel Calibration Test Kit

The Marine Vessel Calibration Kits are used to perform pressure and temperature tests and calibrations for all types of pressure and temperature instruments.
The waterproof and robust marine case contains a dry block temperature calibrator as well as a complete pressure test set (test pressure source and certified reference device).