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Contact Devices

Contact pressure gauges are used to monitor critical limit values, trigger alarms and start, stop or switch processes by opening, closing or changing over a circuit.

They are used for cases starting at 100 mm diameter. The contacts are built in single-, double and triple versions. Installation will be below the ring dials. The nominal values can be set from outside covering full scale. Switching direction is clockwise.The installation of a contact device needs a junction box and bayonet lock bezel/bayonet lock case or push-fit bezel.

We offer different types of contacts:

S. Low-action contacts
Low-action contacts are used in absence of high contact loads and vibrations. The instrument pointer takes the switch lever towards the nominal value lever which instantaneously releases the contact upon touching of the two contact pins. These contacts are not suitable for use in high duty operation, aggressive atmosphere and measuring instruments filled with liquids. A pulse controlled contact protection relay is highly recommended.

M. Snap-action contacts (with magnets)
These can be used under almost all operating conditions and are generally not affected by vibrations. The instrument pointer takes the switch lever short before the nominal value lever; the contact release is accelerated by an additional skip or snap action when the pins are approaching. A pulse controlled contact protection relay is highly recommended.

E. Electronic contacts
Electronic contacts are equipped with a 3-wire non-touching proximity switch PNP (polarity safe). These can be used for a direct control of a SPS or other electronic control features. Available for nominal sizes 100 + 160 mm. An isolating amplifier will not be necessary. E-contacts can’t be used for Ex-zones.

I. Inductive contacts
I-contacts are equipped with non-touching proximity switches acc. to DIN 19234. Due to their contact free operation, switching precision and long service life, these contacts are suitable for any industrial application. The output signal is determined by the presence or absence of a control vane moved by the instrument pointer within the electromagnetic field of the proximity switch.
I-contacts are available in special versions with proximity switches type “SN” or S1N” suitable for important safety operations. Gauges with Inductive contacts are best suited for usage in Ex-zones .

Besides contact devices, gauges can be equipped with movements including a microswitch. A microswitch opens or closes an electrical current at specific values using a single-poled changer. High switching times recommend the use of a contact protection relay. Microswitches can only be supplied with Type R 100.
Gauges equipped with M-, E- and I-contacts or micro-switches can be filled with an insulating oil.