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SSEA Schmierer South East Asia Capacitance Switches and Transmitters
SSEA Schmierer South East Asia Capacitance Switches and Transmitters

Capacitance Switches and Transmitters

Capacitance level instruments have a capacitive level sensor for level measurement of conductive liquid, low conductive liquid, granulated materials with solid particles, adhesive and acid/basic liquids. When a material comes between electrode rod and tank wall, a capacitance change occurs and when this change exceed adjustment threshold, contact output is delivered. Full-empty calibration can be performed easily and safely. Different designs and different solution related to industrial levelmeasurement are offered especially for machinery manufacturers.
Application Areas
Liquid tanks, food machines, cooling liquid tanks, shipping, glycol tanks, brine, waste water tanks. Oil tanks, CO2 liquid tanks, high temperature tanks, non-conductive liquids. Grain stores, cement, sand feed, flour, milk powder, organic and plastic granule. Sticky hot and high viscosity liquid, acid and chemical liquids.


no moving parts

High pressure and temperature resistance

Modular structure with easy assembly

not affected by foam, splashes, vibration

easy zero span adjustm.

reverse assembly operation

SSEA Schmierer South East Asia Magnetostrictive Transmitter

Magnetostrictive Level Transmitters

The Magnetostrictive level trandmitter consists of three parts: probe rod, circuit unit and float. When measuring, the circuit unit generates current pulse and this pulse transmits downward along the magnetostrictive line and thus generates a ring-form magnetic field.On the outside of the probe rod is a float, which moves up and down along the probe rod with the change of the liquid level.The float also generates a magnetic field due to a set of permanent magnetic inside the float. When the current magnetic field meets the float magnetic field, a “twist” pulse, or “return” pulse, is generated. The time difference between the “return” pulse and the current pluse is converted into a pluse signal, which calculates the actual position of the float and measures the liquid level.
Application Areas
Magnetostrictive Level Transmitters are widely used in liquid level measurement fields such as petroleum and chemical industry. They have gradually replaced other traditional sensors and become the best in liquid level measurement.


high precision

reliable, easy to install

safe, explosion proof option

SSEA Schmierer South East Asia RF Admittance Sensors and Transmitters

RF Admittance Level Transmitters

RF admittance is a new level control technology developed from capacitive, anti-hanging material, more reliable, more accurate, and more applicable. It is an upgrade of capacitive level technology.

The so-called radio frequency admittance, admittance means the reciprocal of the impedance in electricity, which is composed of resistive components, capacitive components, and inductive components.

And radio frequency is the high frequency radio spectrum, so RF admittance can be understood as using high frequency Radio wave measurement admittance.

Application Areas
The RF level sensor is used in industrial and mining sites and is suitable for liquid, pulp, powder, oil, and solid measurement liquids.


versatile in temp., pressure, corrosive media

no sticking material at sensor

no interference with steam, foam,...

accurate and reliable

SSEA Schmierer South East Asia Conductivity Switches and Transmitters

Conductivity Switches

Conductivity level switches are used for checking liquid level of tanks and boilers. They have no movable parts and are used in liquids with solid particles, low density, high viscosity, corrosive, and reagent monitoring applications. Multiple level probes give signal at different levels for high/low alarm.

Two metallic probes of different lengths (one long, one short) are inserted into a tank. The long probe transmits a low voltage, the second shorter probe is cut so the tip is at the switching point. When the probes are in liquid, the current flows across both probes to activate the switch. The AC current can be evaluated with a relay circuit.

Application Areas
lt is an economic and safe solution for air pressure tank applications, water level control of steam boiler condensate tanks, degasifier tanks and other conductive tanks.



easy to install

no moving parts