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Presys provides complete Metrology 4.0 mobile calibration solutions for all types of pressure, temperature and electrical instruments as well as mobile workstations for safety valve testing:

  • compact, autonomous, time saving
    inbuilt compressor pumps for fast setpoint change procedure, automated calibration procedures
  • all in one
    inbuilt touch screen color display for easy setup, documenting, reporting, ISOPLAN software
  • multi-functional
    wide range of instruments, all signals (temp., pressure, frequency, electrical), ex-proof calibrators
  • accurate
    high resolutions, wide measurement ranges
  • inter connectivity and data integrity
    HART, Profibus, data logging, Internet, USB, external inputs, system integration SAP, Azur, Oracle, SQL, Web Interface
Automatic Dry Block Calibrator
Dry Block Calibrator Presys TA, TE, T series
Automatic Pressure Calibrator
Pcon Y automatic pressure and low pressure calibrator, with compressor
Multi-functional Process Calibrator
universal multifunctional calibrator explosion proof intrinsically safe
Pressure Safety Valve Testing
pressure safety valve testing, portable
ISOPLAN Cal & Management Software
ISOPLAN Cal & Management Software