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Kirchner Gas and Liquid Flow Metering

The know-how of Kirchner specialists competence, experience and years of expertise (since 1951) are the foundations of the Kirchner success story.

Kirchner has specialized in the production of mechanical flow measurement and monitoring, VA, Flapper type and DP flow meters,  in particular for applications in the water/wastewater/slurries, chemical industries and in furnace and system design.

Kirchner und Tochter flow overview: Variable Area, Short Tube, Flap Type, Differential Pressure, Bypass, Level Indicator

Kirchner Portfolio

Variable area flow meters

Kirchner und Tochter Flow Variable area flow meters

Variable area flow meters with glass cone are used in all industries, because they represent a very cost-effective and reliable method.
Appliances with metal measuring tube (SGM) is the optimal solution at high temperatures and pressures. Because of the extensive electronic modules they are predestined in the processing plants of the chemical industry.
Devices with plastic cone  (SKT / SKP / SKPVC) are the most cost-effective method for flow measurement.

Short-tube flow meters

Kirchner und Tochter Flow Short-tube flow meters

Short-tube variable area flow meters are suitable for the measurement of small and low flow rates and are available in different types, e.g. with valve and limit switches.

Flap-type flow meters

Kirchner und Tochter Flow Flap-type flow meters

Reliable measuring devices even for large flow rates in numerous versions with limit switches and electronically measured value transducers. The devices are used in water treatment plants, power stations, to monitor cooling processes, and in building technology and swimming pools.

Differential pressure flow meters

Kirchner und Tochter Flow Differential pressure flow meters

These devices are manufactured with a wide variety of nominal widths. Units with small nominal widths such as DDM / DDW are applied in cooling circuits and monitoring of liquids. The sprinkler orifice plate SMB is installed in stationary sprinkler systems and has been approved by the VdS damage prevention.

Bypass flow meters

Kirchner und Tochter Flow Bypass flow meters

The wide choice of materials that can be used to manufacture our DST bypass flow meters allows flow measurement of the most varied fluids.

The low-cost device in PVC is frequently used in swimming-pool water technology. The device in PVDF is suitable for the flow measurement of aggressive media, e.g. in water treatment, while the DST-1/2 is mainly used for flow measurement of air and gases. The measuring range extends from 0.02 - 0.16 m3/h to 300 - 1800 m3/h for H20, and from 0.15 m3/h - 1.5 to 1200 - 6000 m3/h for air at STP.

The DST bypass flow meter operates on the differential-pressure method. A ring with an orifice plate is installed in the pipeline. The orifice plate causes constriction of the flow and effects a drop in pressure. This pressure drop is proportional to the square of the flow rate.

If the pressure tap upstream of the orifice plate is connected by a pipe to that downstream of the orifice plate, a partial flow will flow through that pipe. This partial flow is proportional to the flow rate in the main pipeline.

The partial flow can be turned on and off, as required, by installing two ball valves in the bypass line.

Level Indicators

Kirchner und Tochter Flow Level Indicators

The devices of the NA and NA-V4A model series operate according to the principle of buoyancy. They are designed for vertical installation only.

Consisting of display, flange, float tube and float the NA serves as a level indicator for e.g. underfloor installation liquid container.
The level indicator NA-V4A, consisting of a stainless steel sleeve, a float tube made of borosilicate glass and the connection heads, is mounted outside of the tank.

Each device contains a measuring tube made of borosilicate glass and is custom-made with the desired connection geometry.

With the installation of electrical limit value switches that are adjustable over the entire measuring range, the devices can also be used for remote monitoring.

Sight glasses

Kirchner und Tochter Flow Sight glasses

The devices in the sight glass series are used for the visual display of liquid media. The sight glass consists of a sight glass tube of borosilicate glass, four spacers and two connector flanges. Due to its simple design, the service is maintenance-free. Thanks to external radial seals, there are no changes in cross-section and thus no pressure loss.

The media that can be used include for example water, oil and alkaline or acidic liquids. By selecting the material appropriately, the sight glass can be also be used with aggressive media.

Electrical accessory equipment

Kirchner und Tochter Flow Electrical accessory equipment

Accessory products to evaluate the data of the flow meters in control systems, PLC, process automation and in process data recording systems.

Kirchner Advantages

  • Wide range of products
  • Specialized product how know with years of experience and expertise
  • Customized solutions
  • Certified quality Management, (PED, IECEx/ATEX, VDS)
  • Short and reliable delivery cycles
Kirchner und Tochter Flow Certificates VdS, DVGW, TÜV Rheinland