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Engineering Solutions, Calibration, On-Site Maintenance & Repair Services

We design, fabricate, install and commission complete control systems with selected equipment customized for the various process requirements in your plant.

instrument selection
instrument function testing
instrument function testing
onsite service
onsite service
onsite service

Instrument Consulting, Selection, Function Testing:

We provide up to date solutions for measuring, monitoring and process Control, improving processes, function testing of incoming instruments

Service On-Site:
We offer instrument set up, verification, trouble shooting, diagnosis, repair & service

transmitter calibration
temperature calibration
calibration software

Instrument Calibration:
Our trained and qualified technical staff provide in-house and on-site calibration for temperature, pressure, flow, level and analytical measurement instruments

Calibration Procedures and Certification:
We use up to date calibration software for setting procedures, calibration, certification and documenting.

transmitter calibration
temperature calibration

Flow Verification and Flow Calibration Rig:
We test flow output, pump efficiency and verify built in flow meters by our portable ultrasonic clamp-on flow measuring device: no process interruption, no pipe cutting, no device dismantling.

Flow Verification and Flow Calibration Rig:
We offer flow calibration for water and oil with our calibration flow rig.

transmitter calibration

Valve Servicing:

Mobile Valve Test Benches, Bubble, Pop, Stroke Tests, Computerized Reports and Certification

Valve Maintenance and Repair:

Portable Grinding and Lapping - Gate, Globe, Safety Valves - Flat & Conical Seats