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As regional business partner for a variety of European I&PC manufacturers Schmierer SEA will be at the OGA 2023:OGA logo 2023

Venue:   KL Convention Center

Place:   Hall 4 - booth 4603

Date:     13 - 15 September

Presys Multifunctional Calibrator ExproofThe Presys intrinsically safe multi-function Process Calibrator MCS-XV-IS with all instrumentation signals: electrical, temperature, frequency and pressure

  • Up to four pressure sensors from 250 mmH2O to 10.000 psi, opt barometric reference
  • Touch Screen with  2 simultaneous variables, intuitive navigation
  • Full Hart configurator (optional), which configures all available HART® devices, with DD library from FieldComm Group
  • Data Logger function for data acquisition and graphical visualization
  • Wi-Fi, Pen drive, Hart®, USB connection Host / Device.
  • Automated calibrations and generation of calibration report (PDF or with connected USB printer)

SSEA PR paperless recorderThe universal input Paperless Recorder SSEA-PR with a 10.4 inch color LCD display, high speed processor with 0.2% signal accuracy and a variety of configuration options:

  • simultaneous multi channel signal detection, recording, display and alarm, no jumper, configured by software
  • up to 48 channels, upgrading option
  • input signals: standard current, standard voltage, frequency, millivolt, thermocouple, RTD
  • output options: sensor distribution, 36x relay alarm, transmitter, flow totalizer, etc.
  • communication: RS232, RS485, Modbus RTU, Ethernet, SD card, U disk
  • reports, historical data storage, on-site printing
  • options for inbuilt micro printer, waterproof housing, IP65

SSEA ELW electro magnetic watermeterThe SSEA Electro-Magnetic Watermeter for large scale water metering systems and water leakage detection. The high range ratio (R250, R400) ensures high precision measurement of low flow (5mm/sec) at night and large flow at peak hours.

  • high accuracy measurement
  • no missing records
  • reduced loss of the pipeline network, increased revenues

BoppReuther Oriflow O PVDF for corrosive media, HCLThe classic compact orifice model Oriflow O measures hydrogen chloride gas, (HCl) from dry up to 100% humidity or similar highly corrosive liquids.

The orifice is made of PVDF, which ensures high corrosion resistance.The diaphragm, connecting to the DP transmitter is made of tantalum with inert filling.