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BoppReuther DIMF density meter vs Coriolis Meter for Density MeasurementMany manufacturers recommend Coriolis Mass Flow Meters for density and concentration measurement.

In comparison with Bopp & Reuther DIMF density meters (tuning fork principle) the branded Coriolis devices show several disadvantages:

  • lower accuracy and repeatibility
  • slower stability with temperature changes
  • calibration usually for max. flow accuracy (vs density optimization)
  • expensive for big pipe sizes and aggressive chemical applications

SSEA 3D Tank Level Radar Monitoring

The 3DPro Radar Level Scanner measures tank level and volume based on single-point radar terahertz frequency modulation continuous wave technology.

A motor drives the radar sensor to rotate in multiple dimensions to collect data from different positions and angles.

The preset software calculations create a visual 3D image in the cloud to display real time tank level monitoring.

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SSEA Pressure Gauge with Stabilizer Movement SRU25 for corrosive aggressive process media

Pressure Measurement in highly corrosive chemical environments require special protective measures. Crystallizing or highly viscous process media and high safety applications require special diaphragm seals. But for many aggressive and corrosive chemical applications we now offer our SRU 25 pressure gauges with high grade non-ferrous materials for the wetted parts (socket, bourdon) which are in contact with the process media.

  • MONEL: gaseous and liquid aggressive media
  • HASTELLOY: highly resistance corrosion alloy for crevice, pitting and stress corrosion
  • INCONEL: for high temperature corrosion resistance

For highly corrosive environments we offer phenolic cases to protect the pressure gauges from the outside.

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