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Schmierer SEA Instrumentation
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SSEA Benchtop Pressure Pumps PneumaticThe SSEA pneumatic benchtop pressure pumps to generate pressure and vacuum

  • for the testing, adjusting and calibration
  • of mechanical and electronic pressure instruments, (gauges, switches, transmitters)
  • comparing the unit to test with a master.

The tests can be carried out in laboratories, workshops or on site at the set measuring point.



Presys Multifunctional Calibrator MCS XVThe Presys multi-function Process Calibrator MCS-XV with all instrumentation signals: electrical, temperature, frequency and pressure

  • Measures and generates mA, mV, Volts, Ohms, RTD, TC, Hz.
  • Up to four pressure sensors of ranges from 250 mmH₂O to 10,000 psi.
  • Full-Hart Configurator.
  • Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Pen-drive, Hart and USB Host/Device.


Presys Multi Function Temperature Calibrator T-650 PH, T-1200 PHThe T-PH dry block calibrator series from Presys controls temperature of an insert in order to calibrate thermocouples, thermoresistances, glass thermometers, thermoswitches and infrared pyrometers:

  • Generates temperatures from ambient up to 650 °C or 1200 °C
  • Dry Block and Black Body Inserts
  • Horizontal mounting facilitates infrared thermometer calibration
  • Automatic calibration and documentation facilities

Presys Dryblock Calibrator TE350, TE650, TE1200The Dry Block Calibrators economic line from Presys perform functions that would require three different types: a dry block, standard thermometer and a calibrator for RTDs, TCs, mA, mV, ohms and thermoswitches for a temperature up to 1200°C.