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Limit Switch MSKW for VA Flowmeter

Kirchner and Tochter VA Variable Area Flow Meter Limit Switch MSKWThe Kirchner MSKW limit switch are used for remote monitoring of measuring limits in variable area flow meters with borosilicate glass tubes. The reed switch is actuated by a magnet installed in the float to switch contacts.

  • changeover, normally closed or open model options
  • easy to adjust over the complete measuring range
  • fiberglass-reinforced polyamide or stainless steel housing
  • no power supply needed
  • for use in explosive areas

Kirchner Variable Area Flow Meter Switch MSKW for FA and RA VA models

Variable area flow meters with borosilicate glass cones from Kirchner Germany, are cost-effective and reliable instruments used for water, air or transparent fluids in processing plants in the F&B, Chemical, Petro-Chemical, Furnace, Water/Waste Water and other industries.

The measuring cone is customized with media specific scale and located inside a perspex half shell shatter proof protection tube. They are installed in pipelines by means of pipe unions or mounted between flanges.

The MSKWswitchpositionlimit switch is mounted on a guide groove or rod. It consists of an M8 x 1 threaded sleeve and an angular coupling. The threaded sleeve contains a reed switch and a holding magnet which enables a bistable switching behaviour. The limit switch is actuated by a permanent magnet installed in the float. If it passes the limit switch, the contact switches. VA flow meters can accommodate several limit switches with different measuring points.

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