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Universal Process Calibrator for all instrument signals


Presys Multifunctional Calibrator MCS XVThe Presys multi-function Process Calibrator MCS-XV with all instrumentation signals: electrical, temperature, frequency and pressure

  • Measures and generates mA, mV, Volts, Ohms, RTD, TC, Hz.
  • Up to four pressure sensors of ranges from 250 mmH₂O to 10,000 psi.
  • Full-Hart Configurator.
  • Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Pen-drive, Hart and USB Host/Device.



  • Measures and generates mA, mV, Volts, Ohms, RTD, TC, and Hz with accuracy 0.01% up to full scale.
  • Easy LabView interface with the WebApi commands.
  • Up to four optional modules of 250 mmH₂O pressure to 10,000 psi. It has the barometric reference (optional) for absolute pressure indication.
  • Hart Full Configurator (optional). Compatible with DD configuration files recorded in FieldComm Group.
  • 24Vdc power supply for two-wire transmitter. internal 250 ohms resistor configurable.
  • Documentation capability. Automatic calibration tasks can be created or executed with or without the use of computers.
  • Calibration Reports issued directly to USB printer or PDF file.
  • Data logger function for data acquisition and display in graphical format.
  • Touchscreen display with high visibility friendly interface.
  • Compact, portable, powered by rechargeable batteries for field use.
  • Also available in versions Desktop (DT) and 19″ Rack Mounting (RM).
  • e-Connected: Ethernet, Wi-Fi (optional), Pen-drive, Hart and USB Host/Device.

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