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Universal Process Calibrator - explosion proof

Presys Multifunctional Calibrator ExproofThe Presys intrinsically safe multi-function Process Calibrator MCS-XV-IS with all instrumentation signals: electrical, temperature, frequency and pressure

  • Up to four pressure sensors from 250 mmH2O to 10.000 psi, opt barometric reference
  • Touch Screen with  2 simultaneous variables, intuitive navigation
  • Full Hart configurator (optional), which configures all available HART® devices, with DD library from FieldComm Group
  • Data Logger function for data acquisition and graphical visualization
  • Wi-Fi, Pen drive, Hart®, USB connection Host / Device.
  • Automated calibrations and generation of calibration report (PDF or with connected USB printer)

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MCS XV IS Presys Multi-function calibrator - explosion proof

Presys MCX XV IS multipurpose, multifunction function calibrator, explosion proofThe MCS-XV-IS Process Calibrator enables measurement and generation of signals used in instrumentation and process control. Provides all features required for easier calibration and adjustment services on process instruments. It has high levels of accuracy, including aspects relating to changes in room temperature and maintains the specifications over long periods of time.
It is designed for field use, includes useful items as: carrying case, holders with fastener rings or belts for a hands-free operation, 5.7” display with LED backlightfor a better viewing in poor lighting conditions, rechargeable battery and large memory capacity to store the values obtained during calibrations enabling the transfer of these to the PC when needed.
It incorporates state-of-the-art concepts of automatic calibration and adjustment via computer. Instrument and computer share measurement data obtained for a more efficient handling of information such as report and certificate issues, automatic work management, data sorting and storage, for an overall coverage of quality procedure requirements, especially those related to ISO-9000. It has HART® communication for reading and setting parameters of field devices that have this protocol.
It can be supplied with up to two pressure sensors. Thus, a single calibrator can have different ranges of pressure, for example vacuum, 0 to 100 psi, 0 to 1,000 psi and 0 to 3,000 psi, or any combination of available ranges. Another optional item is a high accuracy sensor, which among its many functions can work as a standard thermometer. Thus, while indicating the reference temperature, allows the calibration of another temperature sensor.

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