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Guided Wave Radar Level Measurement

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The Ensim Guided Wave Radar Level Transmitter accurately measures liquids and solids in harsh environments, (e.g. boiling liquids, dust, foam, vapor) by a low energy electromagnetic pulse guided along a probe. The measurement is not affectd by changes of viscosity, density or acidity.

Working Principle

High frequency microwave pulses are guided along a steel probe or rod that is submerged into the liquid or solid. The waves are then reflected as they hit the product surface and is sent back into the sensor. 
The flight time of the signal is calculated (between sending and detecting time), and is directly proportional to the level. 


  • Probe options: Wire rope (up to 32m), Rod, Co-axial
  • Temperature up to 450°C
  • Pressure up to 100 bar

 EGW datasheet


Volatile liquids, foamy liquids, viscous liquids, boiling and foaming liquids, crude oil tanks.

Abbrasive/aggresive liquid level measurement application in chemical,and pharmaceutical industries, food and plastic industries, power plants, oil and cement factories.

Water, paint, acid, animal fat, and oil tanks. Grain, salt, and sawdust silos, to name a few.