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Non-Contact Radar Level Measurement

Ensim  non-contact Radar Level Instrument ELW

Radar Level Sensors are excellent devices for no contact level measurement. The Ensim ELW radar series has an integrated management system filtering false echos, demodulation technology, Aluminium housing, alphanumeric display with HART output for tank level measurement up to 70 m and 250°C temp. for liquids, corrosive media and solids.

Working Principle

The microwave impulses, emitted by the radar antenna are reflected by the surface of the medium and received by the same antenna. The period of between the emission and the arrival of the impulses, is proportional to the existing distance between the antenna and the surface of the medium.


ELW 26 GHz - for standard applications


ELW 80 GHz - for narrow tanks, above 30 m or small particles <1mm



Abbrasive/aggresive liquid level measurement application in chemical,and pharmaceutical industries, food and plastic industries, power plants, oil and cement factories.

Water, acid and oil tanks, Cement and kiln silos. Grain and livestock feed silos.

Fire water tanks, rivers, waste material and waste water applications.

ELW Ensim Radar Level applications