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Explosion Proof Flow Switches for Liquids

Ensim Dx-EFS Flow Switches explosion proofThe DX-EFSs high precision flowswitch from Ensim detects flow or no flow of water, lubricating oils, gases and aggressive media inside a pipe without the need of cooling the liquid:

  • high precision
  • easy assembly and adjustment
  • explosion proof, CE certified
  • relay circuit contactless with liquid
  • low pressure drop

Paddle/Pallet type Flow Switches

The paddle in the stainless steel body is moved with the flow of the fluid. With no flow it returns to the contact closed position. The magnet in the reverse pole of the paddle triggers a signal in the micro switch. The factory contact switch position can be manually reversed.DxEFSs palette flow switch models explosion proof

  • Material: Aluminum Housing, T-Body with pallet and paddle stainless steel, IP 65/67
  • Temperature: up to 145°C working temp., up to 60°C ambient temp.
  • Pipe Size: DN 8 - DN 200
  • Working Pressure: 25 bar

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