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top and side mounted level switches - explosion proof

DXELBtopside Ensim DX-ELB explosion proof level switches are used for measuring and checking the level of tanks in food, marine, boiler and storage tank applications.

  • resistance to high temperature, upto 250°C
  • up to 25 bar pressure
  • long life contact structure
  • operations in vertical or horizontal connection

Working Principle:

Microswitch changes direction with the movement, occurring after magnet in float arm, moving by changing liquid level, affects magnet inside body, magnetically obtained contact information is assessed by transferring into applications such as pump, solenoid valve etc.



Stainless steel external tank (ln by-pass)
Protective below apparatus for fluids with granular.
Counter flange
Test apparatus


  • Palm Oil Refineries
  • Oleo Chemical Plants
  • Chemical
  • Petro Chemical
  • Paper & Pulp
  • Energy & Power
  • Water, Waste Water
  • Manufacturing Process Industry

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