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Transparent, Reflex, Illumination Level Gauges

Liquid Level Gauges

Liquid level gauges are mounted to the tank as a bypass chamber. It works according the law of communicating tubes. The level in the glass tube is identical to the level in the tank and can be monitored directly.
Tubular Level Gauges are used for observing the fluid level at low temperature & low pressure.
A tubular level gauge consists of a glass tube between two shut-off-safety-valves. The valves also serve as process connection via flange, thread or welding end.
Reflex Level Gauges are used for observing the level of various liquids by using the reflection of light -  for high pressure & high temperature but not for steam measurements.
The glass of a Reflex Level Gauge is ground in a way to enable it to refract light like a prism. At the zone of liquid to measure, the light gets almost absorbed. That makes this zone very much darker than the zone of gas. By this contrast the liquid level can be observed clearly.
Transparent Level Gauges are used for observing the fluid level for high pressure & high temperature applicable for steam measurements.
Inside the stand pipe of a Transparent Level Gauge, the liquid column is placed between two glass panels, which enable to see through. This transparency makes observation of the liquid level easily possible.

The Illuminator option for Liquid Level Gauges is used for observing the fluid level in a dim place or at night.
Complete range of size, single and double section explosion-proof illuminators are made in single and double section styles for transparent and reflex level gauges. Double section illuminators require only one bulb for complete illumination of two gauge sections.