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  • High precision flow, density and concentration measurement - liquid - steam - gas
  • Tailor-made solutions even under the most difficult environmental conditions
  • Made in Germany: precision - competence - innovation
  • Oil & Gas - Chemistry and Pharmaceutical - Energy & Power Plants - Process Plant Engineering


Product Portfolio

Oval Wheel FM

Variable area flow meters
OAP, double case, custody transfer, SIL2
OP, fuels, oils, lubricants, mid/high visc.
OI single case - solvents, paints, adhesives
Flowal Plus - acids, alkalis, solvents, dyes
OD chemical - pharmaceutical

Flow Solutions

Variable area flow meters
Coriolis Mass Flow
Turbine Meter
Vortex - liquids, gases, sat./superh. steam, heat
Compact Orifice - high throughput, safety
Flow Computers

Dosing - Filling

Variable area flow meters
MDS Electro-Magnetic - f&b, pharma, fine chemical
FMD Mass Flow - nonconductive - low gas/solids, oils, alkanes
OD oval wheel for non-conductives - oil, demin. water
MDS PLC Controllers for meters/valves

Other Solutions

Variable area flow meters
Density & Concentration
Centrifugal Gas Separator