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Limatherm sanitary temperature solution, measurement for f&b, pharmaceutical Food, Beverage, DairyThe Food & Beverage, Dairy and Pharmaceutical Sector requires sanitary solutions for a wide range of process applications for storage, processing and cleaning, (brewing, cooling, bottling, canning, emulsification, fermentation, pasteurization, baking, smoking, steaming, CIP, autoclaving, etc.). Certain processes require shock resistance, quick response, tri-clamping, high purity, etc.)

Limatherm in Poland offers customized temperature solutions with clamping tube connections, stainless steel connection heads, thermowell options, autoclave probes and PZH Polish National Institute of Hygiene Attestation.

Manodamp Movement Pointer Dampening for Pressure Gauges Schmierer

Rough industrial work environments with

  • vibrations
  • sudden pressure changes or
  • high purity demands

require a special protection mechanism for the pressure gauge movement with the needle pointer. The Manodamp® technology offers this solution.

Limatherm hazardous area temperature solutions flameproof, Ex, intrinsically safe, explosion proofHazardous areas are defined are areas with a risk of explosion caused by flammable gases, combustible vapours, dust or fibre. Read more on classes, zones and areas

The term explosion proof protection means that the enclosure (housing) contains the ignition and explosion. The housing material is usually made from cast iron or aluminum. Explosion proof is often used synonymously to flameproof.
Intrinsically safe means that the electronics or wiring are constructed in a way that they limit the energy in the circuit in order to prevent sparks causing ignition.

It is important that the complete temperature unit (sensor and housing) is tested and certified and not just the individual components.

Limatherm offers temperature solutions for flammable/explosion proof and intrinsically safe requirements.

Ensim Magnetic level bypass indicator float flaps indicating rail Ensim ELG magnetic by-pass level indicators measure the liquid level by a float sensor with a magnet that turns the flaps on an indicating rail (top, bottom or side assembly).

  • clear visual monitoring and control
  • easy installation and maintenance
  • No electrical power needed.
  • Versions for high pressure (100 bar), temperature (350°C), aggressive media (PTFE lining)
  • Different transmitter and limit switch alarm options

Kirchner and Tochter mechancal flow meter, instrument, metering, DB Flow, VA Flow, Flap, Flapper, RotameterAs Regional Business Partner, Schmierer SEA has been successfully introducing Kirchner Flow Meter Instruments to Applications in the Water, Waste Water, Palm Oil and Chemical Industries. The know-how of Kirchner specialists competence, experience and years of expertise are the foundations of the Kirchner success story.

  • Wide range of productsKircher cert
  • Specialized product how know with years of experience and expertise
  • Customized solutions
  • Certified quality Management, (PED, IECEx/ATEX, VDS)
  • Short and reliable delivery cycles