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We want to invite you to visit us at the upcoming PIPOC exhibition.

pipocsm PIPOC Exhibition 2019
KL Convention Centre
19-21 Nov 2019
Schmierer SEA Instrumentation
Hall 3 Booth 199A

exlevel Level control for solids and liquids in explosion proof environments in tanks, Ex and CE certified

  • Capacitance
  • Conductivity
  • Float
  • Rotary Paddle


  • ZMVDRobust and reliable values
  • For liquid level, 2 layer interface, volume, mass, density
  • Independent of pressure, temperature, conductivity, dielectric, foam or vapor
  • No power supply needed - 360° adjustable display

The ZM-VD transmitter with displacer is utilising buoyancy principle for continuous measurement of level, interface, volume, mass and SG in liquid media .
The level measured in this way is transmitted to the display and / or the transmitter by means of a lifting rod and a magnetic coupling.

  • Tubular Gauges for low temperature & low pressure
  • Transparent Gauges for high pressure & temperature - liquids or steam
  • Reflex Gauges usie the reflection of light -  for high pressure & temperature of liquids
  • Illuminator option for Level Gauges for dim places or night usage



Temperature Sensors for aggressive liquids and gases in the chemical and petrochemical sector. Sensor sheaths with

  • heat resistant borosilicate SIMAX glass for longtem use in vapour, acids, alkalis and salts
  • ceramics SILIT SK - max. temp 1350ºC - high resistance to thermal shock - hardness: 9 acc. to Mohs - porosity: 0% - high abrasion resistance - for acids, ammonia

itabarthreadedITABAR Pitot tube sensors measure the volumetric flow of liquids, gas & flue gas, saturated and super heated steam in closed pipes (DN 20 - 12000)

  • low installation time and cost, short up/down straight run
  • low pressure loss- bidirectional - no moving parts
  • long term accuracy ±1%
  • up to 400 bar, 1200°C (steam 600°C), pipe size DN 20 - 12000
  • free choice of DP Transmitter brand
  • options for self air-cleaning and installation/removal during operation (pressure)

  • for highly corrosive, aggressive and viscous process media
  • for f&b, sanitary and hygienic applications
  • for clogging media with particles
  • for ultra pure process fluids
  • for high temperature and pressure procedures

The integral orifice assembly is a pipe segment for small flow measurement of liquids and gases.


  • small pipe diameters (bore), (typically not > 400 mm)
  • high accuracy (0.5% of rate) and precision
  • with differential pressure transmitter
  • easy installation / simple maintenance
  • various materials

Wireless temperature measurement at a distance around 3.5 km

Limatherm wirelessThe transmitter TR401 has the shape of a standard head mounted transmitter, so it can be installed into a standard connection head. It works with most standard thermocouples and resistance sensors.The wireless set RE410 is equipped with a 4÷20mA analog output and digital MODBUS RTU, it works with upto sixteen transmitters.



Intern. quality standard - excellent price/performance - short delivery - wireless - Ex proof solutions


"Limatherm Sensor" is an European manufacturer of all types of temperature sensors:

from simple conductor sensors, head sensors, through resistance sensors in casings, to thermoelectric sensors.

The production of sensors carried out in the company's factory comprises all technological stages and is performed in one place.

KirchnerNA V4AThe Kirchner tank level indicators NA and NA-V4A are suitable water, oil, alkalis or acids in aggressive environments. Each device contains a measuring tube made of borosilicate glass, stainless steel connection tube and a media specific float.

DSTThe Kirchner Bypass Flow Meters DST for water, aggressive media, air and gas are used for large flow rates. Easy installation of the orifice plate in any position, the scale is specific to the liquid, wide choice of materials, no el. power required.

OGA 2019Schmierer SEA  will participate at the OGA tradeshow from 18 to 20 June 2019 at the KL Convention Center, Hall 2, Booth 1911

We will demonstrate a wide range of  Pressure,Temperature, Flow and Level Instruments for the Oil and Gas Sector in Malaysia.

The Kirchner Flap Type Flow Meters are used for large flow rates in different types of process media: water, air, liquids, gases, non-conductive fluids (mineral oils, alkalis, acids), high viscous liquids (slurries) and fluids or liquids with a high content of solidifying particles.

  • installation in horizontal and vertical direction
  • flap moves up and down in analogy to the liquid flowing through
  • easy to install, horizontal and vertical direction, low maintenance
  • low pressure loss
  • largely independent of viscosity
  • wide choice of material
  • opt. limit switch or analog 4-20mA output

The SGM gas and liquid flow meter series works on the variable area float principle. It provides instantaneous values for gas and liquid flow monitoring in pipelines with high temperature, pressure and highly acidic chemical liquids with low pressure loss.

  • Accuracy: ±1.6%
  • Low Pressure Loss
  • Indication via Magnetic Coupling
  • Individually calibrated to customer requirements - fitted with a medium specific scale

The SSEAMFII series electromagnetic flowmeter is suitable for the conductive medium with a conductivity higher than 5μs / cm. It is composed of the sensor and converter, and the sensor consists of measuring tube, electrodes, excitation coils, iron core and shell and other components.

The Point Digital Tape is a must have for accurate measurement in your workplace


simple and easy to use

fast, accurate & reliable

no measurement mistakes

large digital screen with backlight

Schmierer SEA Sdn. Bhd. has set up a Diaphragm Seal Filling Station in Shah Alam in June 2017. With this new service we will be able to locally assemble standard and specialized diaphragm seals (DS) to a wide range of pressure instruments in manufacturing plants in South East Asia.

Customized process plants and high precision measurement technology from a single source. This is unique. This is Centec. As a globally operating company, we are a reliable partner for customers all around the world. With more than 40 years of experience we develop and manufacture units and sensors for liquid and gas processing in food, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical and energy industries.