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The blow off of exhaust steam vapor in the degassing process causes a continuous steam loss of 0.2-0.5%. This has always been an issue without a good solution in place.

The OxySteam Regulation System from Centec monitors and controls the steam exhaust by an Oxygen sensor and can be connected to an automated shut-off valve:

  • savings up to 95% of steam loss
  • easy installation
  • ROI less than 1 year for 10ton+ boilers
  • 3 months free testing with sensor return option

The ME series from Müller Industrie Elektronik offers economic modular sensor solutions for most measuring jobs with electronic display, Transmitter variants, switch points, HART signal and Radio transmission - made in Germany - including:

  • Temperature
  • Pressure, DP, Load/Force
  • Humidity, Turbidity
  • Level
  • Flow
  • Inclination

Centec concentration measurement in chemical applicationsAdvantages of Centec concentration measurement by density and sound velocity for acids and multi component chemical media:

  • High precision, drift-free measurements
  • Immediate determination of process changes
  • Installation directly in pipes, tanks or vessels
  • Integrated temperature measurement to compensate for temperature drifts
  • Robust, maintenance-free sensor design without moving parts
  • Large variety of materials (stainless steel, hastelloy, titanium, tantalum, monel)
  • Analog and digital outputs or Profibus DP
  • IP65 - ATEX explosion protection options

Temperature sensors (TC, RTD) - fully EX proof units - certified - wireless solutions

"Limatherm Sensor" is an European manufacturer of all types of temperature sensors:

Specialized Temperature Solutions from Limatherm equipment

  • head sensors, inserts, cable sensor for machinery and surface, thermo-electric
  • customized solutions: flameproof - intrinsically safe, mineral insulated, wireless
  • special applications: chemical, aggr., HVAC, high temp., power stations, high purity F&B, Pharma, Ships
  • accessories: sensor heads, thermowell, transmitter, inserts, cables, glands
  • complete Ex proof units (housing & sensor)
  • certified (ATEX, IECEX, CSA, FM)
  • accredited (TÜV Nord, ILAC MRA, PCA)
  • one place factory - short delivery times - cost efficient

The Höntzsch Vortex sensor with ATEX and SIL certification measure the flow rate of inflowing, solvent-containing exhaust air to manage combustion processes in a combustion plant with aggressive and explosive process gases, flare and waste gases.Measuring exhaust air, supply air and burner gas for thermal Post-Combustion Hoentzsch Vortex Sensor

  • Robust: Our vortex sensor has no moving parts. It is available in stainless steel, titanium or Hastelloy. Optimal use for solvent-containing exhaust air (VOC) in the RCO process.
  • Economically: Longevity and minimal maintenance effort result in low operating expenses in the combustion plant. 
  • Tried and tested: Höntzsch vortex sensors are used in many, partly quite challenging applications and deliver reliable measuring results.