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Copy of Ensim 1

Used for continuous level measurement of liquids and solids.

Ensim's Guided Radar Level Transmitter are commonly used in difficult applications given their capability in providing reliable and accurate measurement despite the difficult environment such as dust or noise, while not being affected by any accumulation or condensation. 

Ensim  non-contact Radar Level Instrument ELW

Radar Level Sensors are excellent devices for no contact level measurement. The Ensim ELW radar series has an integrated management system filtering false echos, demodulation technology, Aluminium housing, alphanumeric display with HART output for tank level measurement up to 70 m and 250°C temp. for liquids, corrosive media and solids.

Manodamp Movement Pointer Dampening for Pressure Gauges Schmierer

Rough industrial work environments with

  • vibrations
  • sudden pressure changes or
  • high purity demands

require a special protection mechanism for the pressure gauge movement with the needle pointer. The Manodamp® technology offers this solution.

Ensim Dx-EFS Flow Switches explosion proofThe DX-EFSs high precision flowswitch from Ensim detects flow or no flow of water, lubricating oils, gases and aggressive media inside a pipe without the need of cooling the liquid:

  • high precision
  • easy assembly and adjustment
  • explosion proof, CE certified
  • relay circuit contactless with liquid
  • low pressure drop


The blow off of exhaust steam vapor in the degassing process causes a continuous steam loss of 0.2-0.5%. This has always been an issue without a good solution in place.

The OxySteam Regulation System from Centec monitors and controls the steam exhaust by an Oxygen sensor and can be connected to an automated shut-off valve:

  • savings up to 95% of steam loss
  • easy installation, inbuilt valve control software
  • ROI less than 1 year for 10ton+ boilers
  • 3 months free testing with sensor return option