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Variable Area Flowmeter

The float of a VA Flowmeter easily moves up and down in the conical measuring tube. The vertical position of the float, obtained as a function of the flow velocity of the measuring media, is an indication of the flow rate. This flow rate can be read directly on the scale of the measuring tube.

  • Devices with plastic cone are the most cost-effective method for flow measurement.
  • Borosilicate glas cone devices with a resistant PVC armature are a cost-effective solution for high temperature and agressive media applications.
  • Appliances with metal measuring tube is the optimal solution at high temperatures and pressures. Because of the extensive electronic modules they are predestined in the processing plants of the chemical industry.

Flap Flowmeter

The primary measuring element is a flap, which is deflected by the flow of the medium. The deflection angle is a direct indication of the flow through the pipe.

  • Gravity-loaded flap models are used for the flow directions left to right, right to left and bottom to top.
  • Spring-loaded flap models are used for the flow direction top to bottom. Flap type meters are robust and used for slurries and suspensions with high viscosity,low pressure loss and easy maintenance.

Sight Glasses

Side Glasses are designed to visually monitor volume flows for common/high velocity, flow direction, high temperature or high pressure applications. 
Flapper, Ball, Ringball, Lantern, High Pressure Sight Glasses

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