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Coriolis Mass

Coriolis Flowmeters accurately measure the mass flow rate of fluids travelling through a pipe over a high range of pressure and temperature, linear over the entire flow range.
Readings are unaffected by a change of process conditions (temperature, pressure, density or viscosity).

The Rheonik Coriolis Technology is based on a unique torsional oscillator. Other than conventional Coriolis sensors the Rheonik sensor offers a torsion axis enhanced oscillation translating into a better measurement.

-This unique combination of design and in-built technology gives outstanding performance and accurate results for extreme applications with

  • very high pressure, changing pressure 
  • external vibration and tensions
  • very low flow rates, (big amplitudes excellent signal to noise ratio)
  • high temperature
  • corrosive and abrasive media 
  • extreme resistance to gas bubbles in liquid streams 
  • multi-functional measurement (density, temperature) 
  • fiscal custody transfer  

- Rheonik Mass flow meters are reliable:

  • safe and stable with long life cycles
  • low maintenance
  • low energy consumption, (typically less than 300 mW, intrinsically safe)
  • ATEX and CSA approval for hazardous areas


  • Flow rates from 30 g/min to 1500 tonnes/hr
  • Diameters  from ½" up to 12 inch (DN 300)
  • Pressure over 1,000 bar (14,500 psi)
  • Temperature from -196°C to +395°C 
  • Hazardous area certified versions available (intrinsically safe, ATEX, CSA etc.)
  • Available in stainless steel, Alloy C22, Duplex, Tantalum, Monel, others
  • variety of Transmitters (analog, digital, serial, HART, LCD output)

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