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Schmierer SEA Overview

We are a German-Malaysian Joint Venture company using Malaysia as a base to cover the South East Asia region, providing high quality Pressure, Temperature Flow and Level Instrumentation and Services for end user customers & supporting authorized distributors.

Our core business

Schmierer GmbH in Germany has successfully Developed, Tested and Manufactured Pressure Gauges, Diaphragm Seals and Accessories over three generations since 1932.
Today, 20 employees of Schmierer GmbH are producing in Germany a wide range of pressure and temperature gauges with modern machinery, assembling and testing equipment. Read More about Schmierer GmbH

Our commitment

We are committed to high accuracy and precision devices to provide stability, reliability and safety in your work environment.

That is why our German Manufacturing site:
  • Uses only certified raw material
  • Manufactures with high-class CNC and NC controlled machines
  • Maintains the standards with the latest assembling and testing equipment

Our unique solutions

We develop solutions for your industrial requirements.

Our unique Manodamp® Technology for mechanical axle damping in pressure gauges guarantees long time durability like oil filled gauges but without the danger of oil leakage or blurry displays due to oil colour change. This makes it suitable for rough industrial environments with hot and humid climatic conditions in this region.

We have industry-specific Diaphragm Seal solutions for:

  • General manufacturing Industries: (flange, threaded)
  • Hygienic and high purity applications: (Food, Bio, Pharmaceuticals, Semiconductor/Solar)
  • Slurry, aggressive, corrosive media: (Oil & Gas, Palm Oil, Oleo Chemical)
  • High pressure, temperature processing
  • Paper/Pulp, Steel Mill,...

A very important part of our portfolio are custom-made solutions for specific requirements with short delivery cycles, (avg. 2-3 weeks).

We provide manufacturer independent instrument calibration, repair and diaphragm seal refilling in our Service and Maintenance Center in Shah Alam.

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Our Sales and Service Teams are ready to meet you and find solutions for your specific industrial requirements. We are ready to serve you. Send us an Email

In line with the Movement Control Order implemented by the Malaysian Government, please be informed we are working from home:

starting 18 March until 14 April 2020
(according to further instructions by the Government).

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