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High purity, sanitary temperature solutions for F&B and Pharmaceuticals

Limatherm sanitary temperature solution, measurement for f&b, pharmaceutical Food, Beverage, DairyThe Food & Beverage, Dairy and Pharmaceutical Sector requires sanitary solutions for a wide range of process applications for storage, processing and cleaning, (brewing, cooling, bottling, canning, emulsification, fermentation, pasteurization, baking, smoking, steaming, CIP, autoclaving, etc.). Certain processes require shock resistance, quick response, tri-clamping, high purity, etc.)

Limatherm in Poland offers customized temperature solutions with clamping tube connections, stainless steel connection heads, thermowell options, autoclave probes and PZH Polish National Institute of Hygiene Attestation.

Types of Sanitary Temperature Instruments:


headsensor, tri-clamp headsensor threaded handheld autoclave
 Limatherm sanitary temperature head sensor stainless steel tri-clamp  Limatherm sanitary temperature head sensor stainless steel threaded  Limatherm sanitary temperature sensor autoclave handheld  Limatherm sanitary temperature sensor autoclave

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