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Water Treatment Process Systems

Centec WatertreatmentCentec Germany offers different process systems for water treatment:

  • Media filtration with pressurized filters
  • Ultra filtration with UV membranes
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Activated Carbon filtration
  • Water Softening, Demineralization, Deaeration, CIP, etc.

Media Filtration

FILTEC M are pressurized filters with filter material selected according to the application. Typical fields of use are:


  • Reduction of iron and manganese
  • Removal of heavy metals (e.g. nickel, lead, aluminum, arsenic)
  • Filtration of suspended solids and turbidity
  • Reduction of organics (Inline coagulation)
  • Removal of ammonium and nitrite
  • Reduction of fluoride and radioactivity
  • Mineralization, de-acidification, pH correction

Activated Carbon Filtration

FILTEC AC are ideally suited to produce high quality drinks and to guarantee a perfect product water quality. Applications are:

  • Removal of free chlorine
  • Removal of taste, odour and colour
  • Adsorption of anthropogenic contaminants (sweeteners, metabolites, pesticides, drug residues, etc.)
  • Reduction of disinfection by-products, such as trihalomethanes, etc.
  • Reduction of organic pollution (TOC, humic acids)

Ultra Filtration


ULTRATEC units are space-saving filter systems for the treatment of product water to produce high quality beverages. The UF membranes used allow the following applications:
  • Removal of particles and turbidity
  • Barrier against infection, bacteria and viruses (chemical-free disinfection)
  • Reduction of organics and colloids
  • Removal of arsenic, iron and manganese in conjunction with oxidation


Reverse Osmosis

REVOTEC units are reverse osmosis systems for intensive treatment of drinking water production, which is used e.g. as brewing water, process water or for soft drink production. Typical applications are:

  • Reduction of salinity
  • Improvement of specific parameters such as total hardness, alkalinity, chloride or nitrate
  • Barrier against infection, bacteria and viruses
  • Removal of organic and anthropogenic micro-contaminants

Centec is a leading manufacturer of customized water treatment solutions for:

Treatment & Deaeration of Water, Carbonation, Nitrogenation, High Gravity Blending, Liquid Blending and Dosing of Additives, Wort Cooling & Aeration, Yeast Pitching & Propagation, Pasteurization, Dealcoholization, CIP

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