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Temperature Sensors for aggressive environments


Limatherm Temperature Sensors for aggressive liquids and gases in the chemical and petrochemical sector. Sensor sheaths with

  • heat resistant borosilicate SIMAX glass for longtem use in vapour, acids, alkalis and salts
  • ceramics SILIT SK - max. temp 1350ºC - high resistance to thermal shock - hardness: 9 acc. to Mohs - porosity: 0% - high abrasion resistance - for acids, ammonia

topszLimatherm Sensor with heat resistant glass

Temperature sensor TOPSZ-157 and TOPSZE-157 suitable for measurement of aggressive liquids and gases. Sensor sheath made of heat resistant glass is suitable for long-term operating in conditions of vapour, acids, alkalis and salts

Temperature range / sensing element

  • 0÷500ºC Pt100 class B with connection head
  • 0÷180ºC Pt100 class B with lead wire


  • borosilicate glass SIMAX
  • sensor sheath length: 300 - 700 mm, standard diameter 010, 015 mm
  • Versions with Lead wire /cable or Connection head type NS (IP54)
  • wire with double teflon insulation



Limatherm Sensor with ceramics SILIT SK

Temperature sensor TTJC-38 and TTKC-38, suitable for measurement of aggressive liquid and gaseous media, especially in petrochemical and chemical industry (acids, ammonia).

Temperature range / sensing element

  • 0÷700ºC J class 2
  • 0÷1200ºC K class 2


  • material: ceramics SILIT SK 
  • max. temp 1350ºC
  • high resistance to thermal shock
  • hardness: 9 acc. to Mohs - porosity: 0%- high abrasion resistance
  • sensor standard diameter 25 mm – sheet length 300, 500, 700, 900, 1100mm
  • Connection head– BA, IP54, -40÷100ºC


Options for both models:

  • Temperature transmitter with standard 4÷20mA, 0÷10V output signals and with the HART or PROFIBUS communication protocols can be mounted in the connection head. Transmitter installation is carried out directly on the measuring insert (in place of a terminal block) or in the high cover connection head (solution used to enable installation of two transmitters).
  • Non-standard design, Immersion length, connection head type and sensing element parameters can be customized


chemicalapplicationAppliations Examples:

  • sulfuric acid and hydroxylamine sulfate
  • catalytic decomposition of ammonia
  • clean coal technology
  • hydrogen atmospheres
  • fertilizer dryer boiler

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