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Intra Automation: Level & Flow Measurement

Intra-Automation GmbH from Germany focusses on measurement and control systems for flow, level, pressure, absolute pressure and differential pressure.

Today, Intra products are well known in more than 55 countries and in many industries around the world, including chemicals and pharmaceuticals and the oil and gas sector, in ship building, machinery and plant construction, in the foodstuffs industry, water treatment and environmental engineering.
The product range includes level measuring and control devices for temperatures up to 400C˚ and a pressure range up to PN320 as well as differential pressure measuring instruments up to 1200C˚ and up to PN400.
Product Profile:
  • ITA Magnetic Level Gauges, Transmitters, Indicators
  • ITA Magnetic Float Switches
  • Buoyancy Transmitter for Level, Interface and Density
  • ITABAR Pitot Tube Flowmeter: for gas&liquids, flue gas, saturated and superheated steam
  • DP Flowmeter: Wedge, Cone, Venturi, Orifice Assembly

Flow Measurement

Itabar liquid/gas
Itabar fluegas
Itabar steam
Itabar Flotap
Integral Orifice
Orifice Plate
Flow Nozzles
Venturi Tube
Cone Flow
Wedge Flow
Flow Computer

Level Measurement

Magn.Level Standard
Magn.Level Powerpl.
GW Radar & Magn.L.
ITA Transmitter
Maglink Tank Level
Transp. L-Gauge
Reflex L-Gauge
Illuminator L-Gauge
Tubular L-Gauge
Buoyancy Transmitter
Float&Displ. Switch