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Helios Zimmerli: Liquid Level and Interface Measurement

The Swiss made float transmitter for continuous measurement and liquid level display for use in any liquid media.The float is swimming on the liquid surface.

  • ZM-VL vertical measurement for top tank mounting
  • ZM-HL horizontal measurement for side tank mounting
  • ZM-VD vertical displacer tank measurement for level, interface volume, mass, SG

For 2 layer interface applications with two different media the float drops into the upper liquid and is buoyanced accordingly by the lower liquid. 

The level is detected by a mechanical lever system and a magnetic coupling without contact to the display and / or transmitter.

  • Independent of the pressure, temperature, density (SG), conductivity, dielectric, foam or steam.
  • Float mount designed for use in Ex zone 0.
  • Robust and reliable, PED, stainless steel for medium wetted parts
  • For mobile and stationary tanks
  • No power supply needed for local indicator
  • Opt. min/max limit switch, 4-20 mA transmitter, NAMUR, Ex ia, ATEX
Horizontal and Vertical Level
Side Mounted
Measuring Angle
Top Mounted - Level
Level Measurement
Top Mounted - 2 Layer Interface
2 Layer Interface

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