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Bus technology and the use of remote IO systems are established throughout the industry replacing conventionally wired systems. This reduces the cabling effort significant and saves costs. In particular compact IO modules allow a spatial layout of the system in the field. Sensors and actuators in hazardous areas can be connected directly to the BEx module. Isolating amplifier as well as analogue and digital IO modules are no longer necessary in the safe area.


  • Cost saving on wiring and less installation effort
  • Ideal for decentralized solution
  • Isolation amplifier and IO modules on PLC side are not longer required
  • Ex-coupler for Ethernet conncetion in safe area is not longer required
  • Compact - small design → small footprint
  • Multifunctional module → versatile application
  • No programming required on module "Plug & Play"   → Time saving
BEx Solution remote IO Box