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Flameproof and intrinsically safe Temperature solutions

Limatherm hazardous area temperature solutions flameproof, Ex, intrinsically safe, explosion proofHazardous areas are defined are areas with a risk of explosion caused by flammable gases, combustible vapours, dust or fibre.
The term explosion proof protection means that the enclosure (housing) contains the ignition and explosion. The housing material is usually made from cast iron or aluminum. Explosion proof is often used synonymously to flameproof.
Intrinsically safe means that the electronics or wiring are constructed in a way that they limit the energy in the circuit in order to prevent sparks causing ignition. Read more on classes, zones and areas.

limatherm hazardous flameproof, explosion proof, instrinsically safe temperature probesSolutions and warranty claims for hazardous areas require the testing and certification of the complete temperature unit (sensor and housing) and not just the individual components.

Limatherm offers certified temperature solutions for complete temperature units in flammable/explosion proof and intrinsically safe areas.