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Kirchner Gas and Liquid Flow Metering

Kirchner and Tochter mechancal flow meter, instrument, metering, DB Flow, VA Flow, Flap, Flapper, RotameterAs Regional Business Partner, Schmierer SEA has been successfully introducing Kirchner Flow Meter Instruments to Applications in the Water, Waste Water, Palm Oil and Chemical Industries. The know-how of Kirchner specialists competence, experience and years of expertise are the foundations of the Kirchner success story.

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  • Certified quality Management, (PED, IECEx/ATEX, VDS)
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Variable Area Flow Meter

Variable area VA flow meters with glass cone Kirchner & TochterVariable area flow meters with glass cone are used in all industries.
Metal measuring tube FM are the optimal solution at high temperatures and pressures. Borosilicate glass devices with plastic cone are the most cost-effective method for flow measurement.

Short Tube Flow Meter

Kirchner & Tochter Short tube flow metersShort-tube variable area flow meters are suitable for the measurement of small and low flow rates and are available in different types, e.g. with valve and limit switches.


Flap Type Flow Meter

Kirchner & Tochter Flap type flow meters

Flap Type Flow Meters are used for large flow rates in different types of process media: water, air, liquids, gases, non-conductive fluids (mineral oils, alkalis, acids), high viscous liquids (slurries) and fluids or liquids with a high content of solidifying particles.The deflection angle of the flap is a direct indication of the flow.

Differential Pressure Flow Meter

Kirchner & Tochter Differential pressure flow meterThey are manufactured with a wide variety of nominal widths. Units with small nominal widths are applied in cooling circuits and monitoring of liquids. The sprinkler orifice plate SMB is installed in stationary sprinkler systems and has been approved by the VdS damage prevention.

Bypass Flow Meter

Kirchner & Tochter Bypass flow metersThe wide choice of materials that can be used to manufacture our bypass flow meters for a variety of fluids, air and gases. PCV is frequently used in swimming-pool water technology. PVDF is suitable for aggressive media, Steel and Stainless Steel variants are available.

Side Glasses

Kirchner & Tochter Sight glassesSight glasses are used for the visual display of liquid media. The sight glass consists of a sight glass tube of borosilicate glass, four spacers and two connector flanges. Due to its simple design, the service is maintenance-free. Thanks to external radial seals, there are no changes in cross-section and thus no pressure loss.The media that can be used include for example water, oil and alkaline or acidic liquids and aggressive media.