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Biogas & Sewage Gas Vortex Flow Measurement

vortexmodelsFlow measurement of Bio Gas has faced huge problems due to high humidity, condensation, particles, varying compositions, aggressive and explosive media and marginally low air flow.

The Hoentzsch Vortex VA Flowmeter offers an accurate measurement solution for the BioGas environment:

  • starting from very low gas flow velocity (0.4 m/s)
  • measuring dynamics (turndown) 1:100
  • largely insensitive to condensation and particle deposits
  • almost no cleaning and servicing necessary
  • accurate measurement with variable gas compositions
  • low pressure drop, no moving parts
  • SIL and  Ex-proof certifications available

How does a Vortex VA Flowmeter work?

The measurement is based on ultrasonic scanning of the Karman Vortex Street. Vortices occur intermittently around the element in the sensor head and (different to most other Vortex technologies) are scanned ultasonically. This allows low flow measurement starting from 0.4m/s of air/gases. The sensor has no moving parts, a recalibration is not necessary: "simply install and forget about it!"


Watch Hoentzsch Vortex Flow Video


Design Options and Features

  • insertion probes (in pipelines from 80 mm) or measuring tubes (from 25 mm)
  • combined sensors for flow (velocity and rate) and temperature
  • working temperature -25 to 250°C, pressure up to 10 bar
  • range from 0.5 to 80 m/s
  • time constant 65 ms
  • SIL2/SC3 certification / Performance Level
  • for application in explosive atmospheres (ATEX, CSA)
  • corrosion-resistant designs, easy to clean
  • fixed evaluation units or handheld devices


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