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Digital Pressure Gauges and Calibrators

digitalgaugesFor pressure gauge and transmitter testing and calibration Schmierer SEA offers digital pressure gauges and calibrators with 

  • precise pressure reading from -1 up to 600 bar,
  • zero point calibration,
  • LCD backlight display
  • inbuilt temperature compensation up to 50°C
  • high accuracy (dig. gauges upto ±0.05% FS, dig. calibrators upto ±0.025% FS).

The units can be displayed in PSI, kgf/cm2, bar, mbar, mmH2O, mmHg, MPa, kPa, Pa.  

DTG 100 Digital Pressure Gauge

DTG100 0 

The DTG100 Digital Pressure Gauge gives long term precise pressure readings with

  • high accuracy (Standard: ±0.5% and ±0.1% FSdigitalpressuregauge
    high precision ±0.05% FS)
  • inbuilt temperature compensation
  • zero point calibration
  • overload alarm
  • 5 digit LCD display
  • light weight Alu Alloy cover
  • SS bottom connection
  • CE & EX approval
  • 2 year operation with dry cell Lithium batteries

IDTG 100 Intelligent Pressure Calibrator


The IDTG 100 Pressure Calibrator for transmitters/switches, etc. measures pipe readings directly as well as real time display pressure
from the units to test. Suitable for air, oil, distilled or pure water.

  • Long term precise pressure readings
  • inbuilt temperature compensation
  • SS metal enclosure
  • Operation with a Ni-H rechargable battery
    with overload and circuit protection
  • 6 digit LCD display
  • High accuracy, (± 0.025% FS)

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