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Magnetically controlled level indicators

The ITA Magnetic level indicators from Intra Automation offer a reliable, accident-free and maintenance-free usage through a simple and break-resistant construction at a maximum process pressure of 320 bar and a temperature range from -50 °C through 400 °C to display the filling level of a tank. They have 3 basic parts: the chamber/tube, float and indicator. The fluid level is indicated directly with a separation of the measurement and indication area. The magnetic transfer of the fluid level from the tank to the indicator is continuous and vibration-resistant, even in the case of fast changing levels.


 ITA types

Design Options


  • 4…20 mA analogue signal (standard, EEx i, EEx d, Hart/Smart, Profibus, Fieldbus, ATEX)
  • Alarm switches (EEx i, EEx d, ATEX)
  • Heat steam jacket or electrical tracing (for viscous liquids)
  • Armaflex insulation, (temp., condensation, moisture)
  • Cryogenic versions for refrigerants
  • PTFE-liners – also for vacuum service
  • Materials: 316L/PVC / Polypropylene / PVDF
  • Float: 316L, 316SS; Titanium, Halar, PFA, PTFE-coated PVC, PP, PVDF for plastic level gauges
  • Vents / drains
  • Engineering-unit scales as per customer specifications
  • Indicator rail material options (Markolon, Aluminium, 316SS)



ITA alu indication rail and switch a

  • Continuous magnetic transmission of the liquid level from the vessel to the gauge
  • Resistant to vibration
  • Level measurement for atmospheric and pressurized vessels, (liquid contained in pressure tight housing)
  • Perfect readability of the display even at greater distances and after several years
  • Simple, unbreakable and no-maintenance design
  • Suitable for corrosive, toxic or flammable media with separation of measurement and display compartments
  • Great reliability even at high temperatures and pressures
  • Alarm contacts can be attached at any point along the gauge
  • Optonal level control with switch contacts and/or analogue signal, (4…20 mA Hart/Profibus PA/Fieldbus)
  • Customized measuring scale for volume or height
  • explosion proof versions available
  • Floats without gas-preload as of a minimum density of 0,35 kg/dm³
  • No auxiliar power required


Working PrincipleITA principle

  • A float chamber is connected to the tank and follows the law of communicating tubes.
  • The level of the float is always equal to the level in the tank.
  • The float follows the fluid level and transmits its movements contact-free to the indication rail mounted on the outside.
  • The float contains a special magnet, which rotates the wavers by 180° as it passes them.
  • The result is a clearly defined level indication, with the level shown in a continuous red stripe strongly contrasted to the white above.
  • At increasing levels the colour of the wafers changes from white to red and vice versa.


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