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Analytical Sensors & Process Systems

Customized process plants and high precision measurement technology from a single source. This is unique. This is Centec. As a globally operating company, we are a reliable partner for customers all around the world. With more than 40 years of experience we develop and manufacture units and sensors for liquid and gas processing in food, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical and energy industries.

Centec Sensors

Centec sensors are applied in laboratory and process environments as “stand alone” devices or part of a process control system. They ensure that products are produced to consistently high standards and that processes run extremely efficient with the least consumption of raw materials. Our product range covers sensors that measure the O2 content in liquids and gases (OXYTRANS) but also devices for the measurement of dissolved CO2 in liquids (CARBOTEC) – for example in carbonated soft drinks and beer. Other types of sensors measure the sound velocity in a liquid (SONATEC) or the density of the liquid (RHOTEC). This data allows the concentration of a media such as sugar, alcohol, dissolved salt, acid or caustic to be calculated and displayed. Applicable for three component liquids, COMBITECcombines in one unit SONATEC sound velocity measurement and RHOTEC fluid density sensing.

Automated Process Skids 
The range of Centec process units comprises fully automated skid mounted systems designed to customer requirements for the following applications: 

process overview


Water purification 
(softening & demineralization, reverse osmosis, disinfection, WFI distillation)

Water and product deaeration 
to reduce e.g. dissolved oxygen and carbon dioxide levels

Gas injection into liquids 
e.g. carbonation and nitrogenation of beer, cider, soft drinks and water

Liquid dosing and blending 
from the dilution of syrups to the mixing of cosmetics and chemicals


Cleaning-in-place; product sterile filtration; flash pasteurization; alcohol removal 

No matter how complex requirements may be, based on decades of process know-how, Centec will provide the right solution. Our capabilities include planning, delivery, assembly and commissioning of turn-key plants. Production facilities in Germany and the Czech Republic are certified according to ISO 9001. The quality of Centec products is outstanding, so is their price-performance ratio.