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Vortex Flowmeter SSEA VF3

The VF3 Vortex Flowmeter measures the volumetric flow of fluids in closed pipes:

  • for liquids, gases saturated steam
  • optionally with pressure and temp. compensation for mass flow
  • temperature range up to 350°C
  • Pipe size DN 15 to DN 300
  • explosion proof Exd II BT6 available

Working Principle

The Vortex flowmeter is used for measuring the flow velocity of gases or liquids in the pipelines flowing full. The measuring principal is based on the development of a Karman vortex shedding street caused by a bluff body build into the pipeline. The periodic shedding of eddies (vortices) occurs first from one side and then from the other side of a vortex shedding bluff body installed perpendicular to the pipe axis. Vortex shedding generatres a so-called "Karman vortex street" with alternating pressure conditions whose frequency is proportional to the flow velocity.


  • Biogas, biomass gas flow measurement
  • Boiler Steam Measurement
  • N2 Blanketing for storage tanks
  • industrial gas monitoring

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