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Intra Automation - Integral Orifice Flow Sensor

The integral orifice assembly is a pipe segment for small flow measurement of liquids and gases.


  • small pipe diameters (bore), (typically not > 400 mm)
  • high accuracy (0.5% of rate) and precision
  • with differential pressure transmitter
  • easy installation / simple maintenance
  • various materials

integral orificeThe integral orifice assembly is designed to be mounted to the differential pressure transmitter directly. The integral orifice assembly is a pipe segment for measurement of small flows. It is suitable for liquids and gases. The integral orifice is the differential pressure sensor and is mounted inside the assembly. While the medium to be measured passes through the orifice, a pressure drop occurs. This value is proportional to the flow. A differential pressure transmitter transforms the pressure loss into a standardized signal, like a current output (4…20 mA).The integrated flowmeter eliminates the need for fittings, tubing, valves, adapters, and mounting brackets, thereby reducing welding and installation time.


Media  gases and clean liquids
Measuring ranges liquids  0.396 to 1109.52 GPH, 1.50 to 4200 l/h
Measuring ranges gases  1.766 to 4238 ft³/h, 0,05 to 120 m³/h
Inside diameter of the integrated orifice      0.5 - 9.5 mm
Nominal pressure (max)  ANSI 2500 # (PN 420)
Medium Temperature  -40…+248°F, -40…+120°C
Process Connection  ½“ NPT-F
Material wetted parts  316Ti (1.4571) Hastelloy, Monel or other material on request


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